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Safety in the oil and gas industry is essential to successful operations. Third Coast believes that excellence in environmental, health, and safety performance is not just good for the communities in which we operate, it is good for business. We remain committed to the safety of the people in the communities in which we operate, including all of our employees and contractor personnel. Our assets are monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week by our control center; ensuring constant monitoring of conditions and allowing for quick responses if normal conditions aren’t met. Safety is a primary responsibility at all levels of our organization, including our senior leadership, directors, managers, supervisors, employees, and contractors. Every Third Coast employee is responsible and accountable for their own safety and that of their fellow workers.

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Third Coast has a steadfast commitment to safe, natural gas processing operations. Our leadership actively promotes and encourages excellence in our environmental, health and safety programs by committing both financial resources and the appropriate personnel.  In addition, all personnel are empowered to make accident prevention and safe work practices their top priority Our safety culture is further driven by our EHS&R procedures and documented in our comprehensive manuals. For new employees, training begins with onboarding orientation and training. For existing employees, thorough continuous training is provided through computer-based learning modules, as well as on the job training, to ensure effectiveness and efficiency. Training is assigned to all employees upon hire and is tracked in the company’s learning management system. 

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